Brashear Realty Corporation

Brashear Realty Corporation was founded in 1967 by G. T. "Brash" Brashear. He had retired from the Army as a Lt. Col. and had been employed selling real estate for six years. He felt that Augusta needed a firm that specialized outside of the residential market. In 1971 he was joined by his son, Tice Brashear and together they formed the core of their business.

Today, Ryan Brashear completes three generations that have worked to make Brashear Realty Corporation what it is today. The company has prospered by adding different profit centers to just the real estate brokerage business. The company does a lot of cooperative projects with Brashear Development Corporation and INA Development, Inc. to purchase, develop, and finance projects throughout our area.

Brashear Realty Corporation is dedicated to offering excellence in service to our clients and our customers.